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We are continuing to improve our school website so that it acts as an effective method of communication between home and school.


Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is now up an running and your child has been given their login details which will enable them to continue their learning outside of school and provide a way in which pupils, parents, staff and governors can offer feedback and support.


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School Photographs

Some people have expressed an interest in going back to the traditional style class photographs. Others say that they prefer the modern style that we used this year. Which do you prefer?

'Strive to Succeed' doesn't mean just one word, it means this school is one big team!'

- Grace Year 3


It's true lots of hearts build a school. 

- Yacine Year 3


'Strive to Succeed' it means we work hard and if we succeed we should be proud of ourselves. 

- Maleek Year 4


The School Creed means quite a lot to me because it makes me feel proud to be a pupil at Rush Green Primary School. I hope everyone feels the same!

- Katy Year 5

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Latest School Calendar Events

3L and 3D visit to Museum of London19May2014

@ Museum of London

Children due back by 3.30pm depending on traffic.

3MA and 3MU visit to Museum of London21May2014

@ Museum of London

Children due back by 3.30pm depending on traffic.

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