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Who's Who at Rush Green Primary School



Rush Green Primary School is fully staffed. Our governors, teachers and non-teaching staff are committed to the school, feel part of a team and part of a community. We believe our pupils benefit enormously from this commitment and stability in their school lives. All our staff undertake training to continuously develop their knowledge and skills, including the latest teaching methods and aspects of health and safety.


List of Staff

Head Teacher

Mr S Abeledo

Senior Deputy Head Teacher and Head of Years Nursery to 1

Mrs L Humpheryes

Deputy  Head Teacher and Head of Year 2 to 4

Mr A Michael

Deputy Head Teacher and Leader for Inclusion/senco

Mr T Irving

Deputy Head Teacher and Leader for assessment

Mr R Calderwood

Phase Leader for Year 5 and 6

Phase Leader for Year 3 and 4

Ms L Lange

Mrs S Barnes

Phase Leader for Nursery, Year 1 and Year 2

Miss A McDonagh

Named Child Protection/Family Liaison Officer

Miss S Thompson

Parent Support Advisor (PSA)

Mr J Bannie


Ms K O' Dell



Class RT

Mrs C Tracey

Class RG

Miss L Griffiths

Class RE

Mrs J Etherton

Class RBW

Mrs K Brown Year Group Leader 

 Miss V Winkworth


Year 1

Class 1E

Miss K Ellis

Class 1M

Miss L McGarry/Mrs S Osborne

Class 1L

Miss K Lester

Class 1D

Miss L Davies

Year Group Leader

Year 2

Class 2S

Miss N Seabrook

Class 2L

Mrs A Liggins

Class 2R

Ms N. Collins

Class 2P

Mrs E Pullen

Year Group Leader

Year 3


Class 3LB

Mrs J Lutterloch/Mrs S Barnes

Class 3M

Miss McGuickan

Class 3C

Miss Cane

Class 3MU

Miss P Muman

Year Group Leader

Year 4


Class 4B

Miss Brown

Class 4A

Mr K Miah

Class 4S

Mrs Slatter

Class 4C

Mrs S Cassidy

Year Group Leader

Year 5


Class 5S

Miss J Setters

Class 5OC

Mrs O'Connor

Class 5J

Miss A Jenkins

Class 5K

Miss S Kemp

Year Group Leader

Year 6


Class 6J

Miss V Judd

Class 6P

Miss C Payne

Class 6H

Mrs W Hagg

Class 6W

Miss L Wilkie

Year Group Leader

Additional Teaching Staff

Mrs H Pye (Music)

Mrs K Marsano (PPA Cover)

Mrs C Aaron (PPA Cover)

Mrs K Bligh

Teaching Assistant Lead

Mrs C Strizovic (Consultant HLTA)


NNEB Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Mottram (Nursery)

Mrs J Moughton (Nursery)


Higher Learning Teaching Assistants (HLTAS)

Mrs T Treble (PPA Cover)



Mrs J Moughton

Mrs S Bond

Mrs J Guynan

Mrs S Mottram



Mrs K Cameron

Mrs D Kershaw

Miss A Calver

Miss C Smith

Mrs A Ketchall (AM)


Year 1


Mrs S Tunkin

Miss G Cameron

Miss A McKen

Miss J Lee

Mr R Francis


Year 2

Miss N Cameron

Miss Z Bradenbury

Mrs Y Wood

Mrs K Joy


Year 3

Mrs L Clark

Miss V Breavington

Mrs S Gjoni

Mrs L Sparkes


Year 4

Mrs L McAlister

Mrs M Gotobed

Mrs C Barnard

Mrs K Dallison



Year 5

Mrs S Edgar

Mrs A Harris

Mrs A Byrne

Mrs J Dow


Year 6

Mrs D Attridge

Mrs K Morley

Mrs J Jarvis

Mrs R Doody


Midday Assistants

Mrs J Chambers - Midday Senior Supervisor

  - Deputy Midday Supervisor

Mrs T Rogers - Deputy Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Darcy

Mrs J Guynan

Mrs J Parsey

Mrs R Smith

Mrs M Gotobed

Mrs S Thornill

Mrs T Barrett

Mrs J Berrecloth

Mrs A Barnett

Mrs M Cole

Mrs L Day

Mrs S Gibbons

Mrs A Harris
Mrs M Keiller

Mrs S Prince

Mrs D Sheed
Mrs D Taylor

Mrs T Swain

Mrs G Tull


Office Staff

Mrs K Jones-HR officer

Mrs V Fincham- Finance officer 

Mrs D Sheed -Resources Assistant

Miss S Seabrook -Receptionist/ Administrator

Mrs N McBride- Pupil Administrator  

Mrs G Kataora- Bursar

Mrs C Hosier- First Aid/Administrator

 Site Manager

Mr B Jackson


Mr D Holt- Caretaker

Mr C Philpot- Caretaker



Mrs J Berrecloth

Mrs J Flatman

Mrs S Hemmings

Mrs T Rogers

Mrs A Barnett

Mrs L Barr

Mrs C Barr

Mrs D Blackholly