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Rush Green Primary School


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Rush Green Primary School

To create a stimulating and challenging learning environment that enables our children to be the best that they can be

  • To create a community which enables children to develop self - knowledge and self-esteem, so that they grow as healthy, confident, articulate and responsible citizens
  • To provide opportunities for encouragement, achievement and celebration
  • To provide an inclusive environment where we all respect and care for one another and where everybody matters
  • To enable children to develop the skills to thrive in an ever changing global community
  • To help children acquire a curiosity, an understanding and an appreciation of the world around them

Long Term Aims:

  • Provide a curriculum that is fit for purpose, challenges our pupils and fulfils the aims of the school
  • Develop provision of interventions so that pupils make accelerated progress
  • Develop strong partnerships and community links that improve our standing in the community, so that we build an excellent reputation
  • Improve communication via multimedia so that all of our stakeholders are connected, including hard to reach parents
  • Develop ICT so that learners: are provided with the opportunity to use ICT across the curriculum; understand the real life applications of ICT as a method of communication; access learning resources at home; understand that ICT should be used safely and that information must be viewed critically
  • Develop school leadership at all levels so that there is a greater impact on pupil achievement.

Planning for Improvement at Rush Green Primary School

Planning for Improvement at Rush Green Primary School My rationale behind the creation of this document. Improvement doesn’t just happen it has to be carefully planned.



Mr S. Abeledo (Head Teacher)