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The following  page outlines the order in which addition is taught in our school. There are many different methods and the children are encouraged to choose the method which is the most efficient way to solve the problem they are facing. Pupils in our school will eventually begin to choose which methods they are most comfortable with.

Mental Methods

Children are introduced to mental methods of multiplication as early as Reception, when counting up in 2s. Further mental methods are added in every year group in the school. 

Pictorial Representation

Children are shown images of groups to help understand the early concepts of multiplication. The pupils are encouraged to use this approach of visualisation of the sum when solving problems throughout the school. 

Early Methods of Multiplication

In Year 1 and 2, children are asked to answer multiplication calculations set out as times table sums. 

Written Methods

As the children begin to answer more complex problems, they need to learn more efficient ways of calculating the answers. There are many different methods to do this; in our school the children will be explicitly taught the columnar and 'long multiplication' method, along with the 'grid method'.