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Charity Work

Charity events are part of life at Rush Green Primary. We are proud of the contribution that pupils and their families make to a wide range of events that are organised at house, year group and the whole school level. It is arguably of equal importance that our pupils have learnt first-hand about the objectives of a range of causes. This exposure for some will act as a catalyst for lifelong support of a particular cause. We welcome representatives from a range of charities each year to contribute to the SMSC programme and to attend different events that are organised.
Our charity work helps our pupils to
• develop an awareness of the need in the local, national and international settings
• respond to identified needs both as individuals and as groups
• support (and at the top end of the school organise) a range of events that generate funds for a designated cause
• develop a sense of community


Our Current School Charity Efforts

By supporting a number of charities throughout the year, our children are reminded of their privileges and given the opportunity to support those in need, both locally and internationally.