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School Creed

As part of the SMSC development within Rush Green Primary we have implemented a School Creed for all members of the school community to learn and recite. It is important to us that children display an increasing willingness to participate and to learn about their own service within the school. This is clearly depicted throughout the recitation of the School Creed. Children must understand their place within their society and the role they must take within it, ’So many hearts make a school’.


To start each new week as a working community the children are expected to recite the School Creed alongside their teachers every Monday. In order to give the children a broader sense of community the creed is also recited throughout the week during assembly time. Before going home on Friday the children will again recite the creed to finish their week with a sense of belonging.


Our School Creed

This is our school, 

Let happiness live here. 

Let the rooms be full of working children, 

Let friendship and kindness be all around us, 

Taking care of our school community, 

Helping us to work and play together. 

Let us remember, 

That as many hands build a house, 

So many hearts build a school. 

We are the pupils of Rush Green and we 'Strive to Succeed.'


What Our School Creed means to me:

The School Creed has been produced to show that everywhere you go, there are working children. Also, there is happiness everywhere you look. The School Creed means quite a lot to me because it makes me feel proud to be a pupil at Rush Green Primary School. I hope everyone feels the same!

 Year 5

 I feel our School Creed is important because it reminds us to never give up, encourage others and always do our best. It also means to help each other and have a good friendship with all of the people around you. you should have a good attitude every day. 

 Year 4

 The School Creed means to me that we should never give up. We should not be shy to ask for help and if we have ideas we share them. When it says, 'Strive to Succeed' it means we work hard and if we succeed we should be proud of ourselves. 

 Year 4

 To me the School Creed means working together and making a supportive school. It also means that we should take pride in our work. I also think that it means that support and friendship make a big community.

 Year 4

 To me the School Creed means that we are a big team so we work hard. We should always let happiness live in our school so whenever a visitor comes we should make them proud and want to visit our school again. We should always work hard and never give up.

 Year 3

 I feel the School Creed means that we should all stick together and never give up. We should always encourage others to do the right thing and to do their best. I am really proud of my school because I have really great friends. Also, the School Creed means to me that all our classes should be full of working children and that we should all be happy. Let us 'Strive to Succeed'!

 Year 3 

 The School Creed makes me feel happy because it means 'Strive to Succeed' and every one must! It's true lots of hearts build a school. 

Year 3

 The School Creed reminds me of how we all try our best to get along with each other. 'Let happiness live here' means that everyone is happy almost all of the time. 'Let the rooms be full of working children' means in every room there should always be children that are working hard to achieve their best. The School Creed also means that we are all friends and we should all take part in looking after our school and the people in it. '..So many hearts builds a school' means that any builder can build our building but to make a school you need to put all of your heart into it. Finally, 'Strive to Succeed' means that every pupil and teacher will do anything to succeed in their work! 

 Year 6

 Strive to Succeed' doesn't mean just one word, it means this school is one big team!'