At Rush Green Primary School, we have designed our curriculum so that it provides children with the essential skills in music. We strongly believe in giving children an opportunity to see themselves as whole musicians: composers, performers and informed listeners. 


Rush Green offers learning opportunities that build on pupils’ previous experiences and enable them to link their experiences of composition and performance to those listening to recorded or live music. Pupils develop their awareness of the differences and similarities between music from different eras, composers and countries; they are able to confidently discuss these using the inter-related dimensions of music and an awareness of the role of music in the lives of different people throughout history.


In the Autumn term, there is a whole school focus on Christmas performances as we believe that children develop a sense of individuality and are able to build their self-confidence when performing, whether it be in front of classmates or parents. These opportunities to perform as a whole group are also reflected in our weekly whole school singing assemblies where we sing songs with meaning and messages to help the children throughout their week. 


We also use trips to either perform or to watch performances ranging from classical orchestral concerts, pop concerts, musicals and more to raise aspirations, break cycles of deprivation and inspire our pupils by exposing them to experiences that they may never have otherwise had.