At Rush Green we recognise the importance of science in every aspect of daily life. We ensure high-standards of teaching and learning in science by planning and implementing a curriculum that is engaging, challenging and progressive across the school.

Our curriculum gives full coverage of The 2014 National Curriculum programmes of study for Science and Understanding of the World in the Early Years Foundation Stage. All children are encouraged to develop and use a range of skills as well as being encouraged to question the world around them. We support them to become independent learners in exploring possible answers for their scientific based questions. Specialist scientific vocabulary for topics is taught and built upon as topics are revisited in different year groups and across key stages. Concepts taught are reinforced by focusing on the key features of scientific enquiry, so that pupils learn to use a variety of approaches to answer relevant scientific questions. At Rush Green scientific enquiry skills are embedded in each topic the children study; we also provide opportunities for children to develop these skills and their knowledge through wider opportunities such as yearly ‘Science Weeks’, trips and workshops.

From exploring the world around them in EYFS, to investigating ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ in Year 6, we aim to excite, engage and inspire all learners through the use of a broad and balanced science curriculum that prepares them for Key Stage 3 and beyond.