Physical Education

At Rush Green, we regard P. E. as an integral part of our learning. Alongside the palpable physical gains, our students acquire other fundamental benefits such as the development of cognitive abilities, social skills and an enhanced mental wellbeing. Challenging physical activity and competition allows children an avenue to build character, gain confidence and helps to embed values such as fairness and respect.


The breadth and depth of our well-balanced sporting curriculum provides our pupils with opportunities to partake in activities that they would not necessarily have access to outside of their school-life. As a school, we strive to raise aspirations and break cycles of deprivation and obesity. Through the delivery of high-quality, inclusive lessons, children are motivated to engage whole-heartedly in physical activity and to adopt and maintain a positive attitude towards their own health and wellbeing; perseverance and determination are essential life skills that are promoted in our school at every opportunity.


We believe that it is important to provide challenge for our pupils at every level. Working hard to achieve a level of accomplishment enables pupils to become physically confident. Through the promotion of the success of students within our school, as well as established links to outside clubs, our students are inspired to succeed and excel in competitive sport; thus facilitating a path to an ongoing physically active lifestyle  – so important in life!