At Rush Green Primary School, we have developed and designed our mathematics curriculum so that it provides and prepares all children with the essential, basic skills that are vital for future life-long learning. We aim for children to leave as confident, skilled and resilient mathematicians, who have a strong understanding that mathematics is a fundamental part of everyday life and the world we live in.


In each year group, children are exposed to a range of mathematical concepts where they can be curious, ask questions and enjoy their maths lessons. We provide children with the opportunity to explore mathematics using a range of concrete, abstract and pictorial resources, real-life problems as well as investigations that allow children the opportunity to work together to discover new concepts. As a school we understand the importance of the universal language of mathematics, therefore each year group focuses on using the correct terminology and developing a well-developed mathematical vocabulary that will play a role for a successful future.


Through the mathematics curriculum and quality first teaching, we build on prior learning to encourage and develop mastery level skills in calculation concepts, reasoning and problem solving allowing all children the opportunity to think mathematically. We ensure every child can achieve excellence in mathematics by fostering an environment of positive attitudes, an excitement to discover mathematical concepts and to broaden children’s knowledge of understanding how mathematics is used in the wider word.